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Clinical Activities in Internal Medicine and Nephrology

Professor Volker H. Haase is a physician-scientist with clinical training and board certification in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. He received his medical degree from the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University Faculty of Medicine in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, completed his medical internship and residency at Emory University in Atlanta, GA and trained in Renal Medicine at The Beth Israel Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, where he also served as an attending physician and Instructor in Medicine. After spending 7 years on the Medicine faculty at the University of Pennsylvania he joined Vanderbilt University as the Krick-Brooks Chair in Nephrology.

In addition to directing his research group, Professor Haase is clinically active and provides patient care and clinical education in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. He supervises and teaches medical students, interns and residents in Internal Medicine as well as Fellows in Nephrology.

Clinical Teams

Medicine Team 1 and Renal Consults

November 2018 
(from left to right) Ann Herron, M.D. (Medicine/Renal); Gerald Obinna Onuoha, M.D., M.S. (Inpatient-Internal Medicine); Annie Apple, B.S., VUMSII;  Volker H. Haase, M.D. (Medicine/Renal); Kevin Buell, M.B.B.S. (Internal Medicine); Silas Pierson Trumbo, M.D. (Internal Medicine); Monica Walsh, Pharmacy Student, Lipscomb University; Jessica Wallace, Pharm.D.; Zeke Wei, M.D.-Ph.D. (Neurology)

Team 2 General Internal Medicine

Medicine Team 2

August 2018 
(from left to right) Drs. Volker H. Haase, M.D. (Medicine/Renal); Daniel Cook, M.D-Ph.D. (Pulmonary/CC); Misty Dawn Shields, M.D.-Ph.D. (Hematology/Oncology) and Edward Misulis, M.D. (Neurology)

Internal Medicine team 2 and Nephrology May 2018

Medicine Team 2 and Renal Consults

May 2018
(from left to right) Drs. Anthony Grecco, M.D. (Pulmonary/CC);  Kim Lee M.D. (Neurology); Volker H. Haase, M.D. (Medicine/Renal); Angelina Cords, M.D. (Radiology) and Matthew J. Day, M.D. (Renal)