Training Opportunities

NIH-funded postdoctoral fellow and graduate student positions in the Haase lab

The laboratory of Professor Volker H. Haase is seeking highly motivated postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. The Haase lab studies hypoxia responses in physiology and pathogenesis with a focus on the PHD/HIF pathway, iron and mitochondrial metabolism. A successful applicant will work in a competitive field and must have outstanding technical, and excellent oral communication and writing skills. Applicants should contact Professor Haase directly by e-mail and provide a cover letter with curriculum vitae.

The Haase lab also offers very focused short-term project rotations for medical students and residents who are interested in pursuing careers in academia.

Research projects

a) physiologic and molecular characterization of mouse models of disrupted HIF oxygen sensing and mitochondrial metabolism,
b) oxygen-dependent regulation of erythropoiesis, cellular erythropoietin production and iron metabolism under normal and renal injury conditions,
c) functional and molecular characterization of hypoxia responses in cellular metabolism and tissue injury responses,
d) in vitro and in vivo investigations of hypoxic signaling pathways in acute and chronic kidney injury, and in renal cancer,
e) single cell RNA seq to characterize hypoxia responses in individual renal cells,
f) in vitro and in vivo studies of mitochondrial function in renal disease and renal cancer,
g) HIF-prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors in renal physiology.

Rotation students will participate in ongoing projects and will be exposed to a broad spectrum of molecular techniques, as well as in vivo work.

Original research articles

Review articles