Ischemic Pre-Conditioning of the Kidney

Professor Haase’s group and other laboratories have shown that short-term pharmacologic inactivation of HIF-PHD oxygen sensors in animal models of renal ischemia reperfusion injury (IRI) has great therapeutic potential for the prevention of acute kidney injury and its long-term sequelae. As part of this effort the Haase laboratory has discovered that the renal endothelial PHD2/HIF-2 axis plays a critical role in the regulation of inflammation and microvascular homeostasis following IRI. The Haase laboratory established that the activation of hypoxia responses in renal endothelium modulates inflammatory responses in the context of acute kidney injury (Kapitsinou et al., JCI 2014).

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Molecular mechanisms implicated in PHD/HIF-mediated renoprotection induced by ischemic pre-conditioning. HIF attenuates IRI through coordinated activation of cytoprotective signaling pathways. Shown are oxygen-regulated biological processes and signaling pathways with key roles in PHD/HIF-mediated renoprotection.

Relevant Papers from the Haase Lab

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